Never4get, a tribute to those lost through the wiki's turmoil...


"Not like the commune deserved to be article of the month anyway, fine fine if y'all are just gonna bitch about this I'm just gonna throw the Dominion and related articles in the sandbox. Just fucking sad though, sad that all we get to do here is retreds of old ideas and never push the limits of established canon, that all we do are Space Marine chapters or Chaos factions, honistly fuck the new rules all they do is limit the creative work of the few. So fine you all killed another potentially great idea. I hope you are all fucking overjoyed with your fucking selves."
—T42 makes the greatest speech ever known, he stands alone, a light in the darkness.
"Muhahahahahah only two months left till my return... and when I return I shall begin a new reign of terror and malice, unfettered by remorse or mercy. Thine wiki hath been warned... soon the Tbug will rise again! Death to the False Emperor! LET THE GALAXY BUUUUUUURN!!!!"
—T42, I hope he's not expecting a welcome party.

T could easily be seen as a typical example of "What you should not act like on a fanon wiki". T42 would never take criticism, even if was from someone else than me (I'll admit my harsh first attempts might have caused some issues, but even so), without seeing it as some sort of attack or threat, and generally just tried to ignore it or attempt to stave it off. Was generally volatile, un-accepting of change to his "creative" ideas (most broke canon in all sorts of ways, or were inherently mary sues and poorly written) and possessed something of an ego. Similar to the case of Bladium. In a desperate attempt to avoid a week long ban, T ended up having himself permanently banned, before it was changed to 8 months long. T also believed Space marines to be "the bestest thing ever".

User:Slug gunner fan:

—Slug's final wish before the Russians closed in on the Furherbunker
"You have been banned for 6 hours due to leaving the wiki for a long period of time without announcing your reason for this. Wake up and give excuses next time, we run a tight ship here.


—Herr Commandant Slug to Khal.
"Fine then, don't like it. At least, unlike any of you, I actually proposed something the community could work together on."
—Slug wanted to do a Power Rangers themed humour article. This was his response when we said "No, that's fucking terrible."

Reichsfurher SS of the wiki, Slug "We must create living space for the Autisitc master race" Gunner Fan was a neo-facist Autist with a creepy love for Ghost, someone he'd never meet or seen. Reminding him of this would send him in a massive tirade on the theft of the white mans land by the inferior races. Most work is unrememerable. Generally seemed to hate the wiki and had very little interest in doing anything but annoying others and spouting his simplisitc opinions. Banned for most of the above. 


"Greetings Users, Moderators and Administators of Warhammer 40K Fanon Wiki, i am Thegreatbeing, a former editor of the Warhammer 40,000 Fanon Wikipedia, banished from it's borders for the next 40,000 years or until death claims me--whichever comes first--for my articles proclaiming the true stories of several heroes of my own making. I have landed on these foreign shores to re-write said stories so that the general public may be allowed to know of their endevours. I ask that you endure some minor spelling errors as I am a fast writer with little time to spare, and that you hold your hand from the deletion button for the sake of my articles stories. If you have any complaints post them on my pages or my account, and i shal lget back to you as soon as possible. Be warned though--I am very busy most of the time and it may be some time before I return the message.


—TGB's talk page on the old 40k fanon wiki, he was it's only member.
""I have the final solution" "
—The Great Being reveals his answer to the Loyalist nine question

The Great Being or TGB was the infamous creator of dozens of heavily NCF, Mary Sue and special snowflake characters and chapters. Universally considered bad, TGB could do very little other than stall people or desperately hold onto his ideas and concepts in vain hope they'd survive. His first response to criticism was a vague threat about sending viruses to user inboxes. TGB refused to accept that his perception of 40k being wrong, was wrong, and his ideas never fit into the wiki's rules. Was eventually banned for generally being an utter nuisance.


"Whine whine. That's all I'm seeing. I'm not taking the wiki down. I'm taking the rules down, because they suck."
—Blade, hero of the revolution

Another edge master deluxe, Bladium could not see the flaw in his ridiculously overpowered and poorly writen and often edgy as shit creations, in the same fashion as most of the others listed here. Bladium cried and just insulted everyone for not accepting his creative genius and possessing his "amazing imagination". George Lucas of the wiki. Wanted to "bring down the harsh wiki rules", but never did. What a surpise. Banned for being a general prick. 

User:Fox2013: Greatest writer on the wiki, viciously violated by the secret Ninja after Imposters cruel /tg/ thread shattered his mind.

User:Gobba42: IRA veteran, probably produced the best idea on the wiki, Gue'vessa Obliterators.


"Suck some Nurgle Dick Sol and Supah!"
—This was his response when he was asked to change system to sector.
"Ok then Sol i will go on every non-comedic article you have ever written and im going to write "Dickwad" all over them as a joke... because that is ok with you, i dont need your permission apparently, doesnt matter that the word itself doesnt exist in 40k's Low/High Gothic language because as long as it is "funny to 10 year olds" it is totally fine"
—Drakus "No fun in my 40k" Malicius

(CRAWLING IN MY SKIN) Rage quit. Exceptionally paranoid after his articles were vandalised, flipped out after his super serious 40k was tainted by a Douchard Bagge quote, and believed everyone was plotting against him. When users politely asked him to change the words sector to system, he told them to fuck off and suck dick. He was then banned for a day to cool down. Drakus then deleted every single one of his articles out of upset, while crying as he listened to Linken Park.

User:Skylar22: The wiki's /d/ member, Skylar's love for hentai wasn't shared by the community, nor was his obsession with Dirge and his anime hard on. Banned twice, both for large periods of time. Was also a shit writer.

User:Anonymous ONI agent: Joined from Halo wiki, could not stand the concept of a wiki without special banners to hold back it's tides of filth, started the Imperium of Blood. A well known collection of elitist cunts who were upset people liked space marines and kept making SM articles (this is all true). ONI left on his Plagueship with the rest of the IoM of Blood members, to start their own wiki, which hero of the proletariat and workers, Imposter, bravely attacked, martyring himself. ONI failed to find sympathy with loyal workers of the wiki. Template:IoBpage


"With all due respect, Immortal? Some people are trying to break the status quo of endless Fanon chapters and trying to do something different. Too late to change your vote - we're going through this project whether we have your approval to do so or not."
—Dabbles, filthy follower of ONI, defies Glorious Leader Total, before making more Space marine chapters

Another Imperium of Blood/Halo Fanon member, Dabbles joined the fascist regime of ONI and insulted Glorious Leader Total and the rest of the wiki for committing the crime of making Space marine chapters, believing placing red banners around his articles would stop this hiedous crime. Left when the Imperium of Blood was shut down, and then deleted all his stuff.

pls post suggestions in comments, never 4get </3


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