December 7th, 1941. Nothing happens.

Red Nights in Europe is about a world where America does not intervene in the Second World War, leading to very different future.

Timeline Edit


  • Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact
  • Germany invades Poland on the 1st of September. Britain and France declare war on Germany two days later.
  • The Soviet Union invades Poland on the 17th of September.
  • Poland collapses on the 6th of October


  • 10 June 1940, North Africa Campaign begins
  • France collapses on the 25th of June, Battle of Britain begins shorty after. Luftwaffe fails to achieve Air Superiority and planned German Invasion of Britain (code-named Sealion) does not occur
  • OKW begins to plan the invasion of the Soviet Union in December, planning for an invasion on May 15th.
  • In September Eagle Squadron, a formation of American volunteers in the RAF, is formed.


  • Italy enters the war and invades Greece on 6th April. With German assistance ends with Greece collapsing on the 30th.
  • The Lend Lease Act is passed on the 11th of March, but is largely foodstuffs and medical aid.
  • The Soviet Union is invaded on the 22nd of June. It begins to recieve Lend Lease, and exchange equipment with Great Britain.
  • The Arctic Convoys begin
  • Britain requests samples of Soviet T-34/76A tanks, receiving three on September 28th
  • 2 October 1941. The battle of Moscow begins.
  • 5th December. Soviet Counter Offensive begins.
  • Around fifty former German American Bund members are able to travel to Germany and form the early basis of the American Legion of Volunteers of Bolshevism on December 10th


  • January 7th. Battle of Moscow ends in a devastating German defeat.
  • Stalin begins his 8th of January Spring Offensive, despite Field Marshall Zhuikov's objections. Ultimately, these fail to achieve their goals and allow for successful German counter offensives
  • The first British produced T-34's are encountered at the Battle of Gazala on the 26th of May, though they are unable to turn the battle, which becomes Field Marshall Erwin Rommel's and the DAK's greatest victory
  • More American volunteers arrive to join the newly formed American Legion against Bolshevism, though it never numbers over 100 members