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Depiction of Lendanto, as used in some Inner Party propaganda.

"Once his Chakras are aligned with the third epoch of the sun, he'll bridge the gap of the political marshes and see clearly the coming of the golden dawn."
—Extract from the Lendanto Manual of the Spiritual Divide

Lendanto [lɛnˈdæn.toʊ] is a worldview and a method of societal analysis that focuses on user relations and wiki conflict, that uses a materialist interpretation of wiki development, and a dialectical view of social transformation.

Lendanto is not simply an idea, but a mode, a method, a niche and nuance, a direction, a movement. Its artistic and aesthetic triumphs rival that of futurism and socialist realism and postmodernism all rolled into one, its quick synergy with the masses like that of a beneficial strain of Ebola, its technological output like that of exorbitant capitalist overproduction but without the financial crises, its achievements like that of a five year plan completed in four.

In mid-to-late 10 b.t.[1], the intellectual tenets of Lendantism were inspired by two Wikian philosophers: Karl Lael and Lither[2]. Lendantist analyses and methodologies have influenced multiple political ideologies and social movements. Lendantism encompasses an economic theory, a sociological theory, a philosophical method, and a revolutionary view of wiki change.

Lendantism is the ruling ideology of the Warhammer 40,000 Fanon Wiki, as well as many other affiliate wiki republics, such as the GHOST Wiki, the Creative Universes wiki, and this wiki.


"It is quite simply, the intersection of atavistic, antediluvian morality and the ethical bedrock of a post-heat death universe. The synergistic commingling of the keystone paradigms of an unsimulated universe, broadcast across 6D space, directly into the shadow of your Sahasrara."
—OvaltinePatrol on Lendanto

References and notesEdit

  1. Before Total; before and during the reign of the Totalist Empire
  2. A mononym commonly used to refer to the otherwise fully titled "Lither of Auralia, Grand Toll of the Hussite Caliphate of the Austro-Indonesian Empire. Defender of the Hussite faith. Prince of the independent Principality of East Australia. Lord of the First Circle of Hell"