[17:28] <LegionXIII> Hmmn.. It's like your body is trying to milk my cock.. *He snickers out as a forceful throb

[17:29] <LegionXIII> Damn.

[17:29] <LegionXIII> Can't even text here... I'm exiting myself.

[17:29] <LegionXIII> Sorry for that.

[17:29] == LegionXIII [58691e1e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[17:29] <Goast> WUT

[17:29] <Goast> WUT THE FUCK

[17:30] <Blackwing> GOAST

[17:30] <Blackwing> IS SCURRED

[17:30] <Goast> HAN

[17:30] <Blackwing> HOLD MEH

[17:30] <Goast> IS SCURRED

[17:30] <Goast> NAHP

[17:30] <Goast> HOLD MEH


[17:30] <Imposter_> MY FUCKING SIDES

[17:30] <Imposter_> WHAT A FUCKING AUTIST

[17:30] <Imposter_> HOLY FUCK

[17:30] == LegionXIII [58691e1e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #40kfanon

[17:30] <Imposter_> HOLY FUCK

[17:30] <Imposter_> HAHHAHAHAHA

[17:30] <Goast> LEGION WHAT THE FUCK

[17:30] <Goast> SERIOUSLY BRO

[17:30] <Blackwing> LEGION PLS

[17:30] <Imposter_> LEGION MY SIDES


[17:30] <Blackwing> Y U DO DIS

[17:30] <Imposter_> HOLY FUCK

[17:31] <Goast> Y U DO DAT?

[17:31] <Imposter_> THEY ARE ENTERING ORBIT

[17:31] <LegionXIII> Yeah. I know when I fuck up.

[17:31] <Imposter_> JESUS CHRIST

[17:31] <Goast> YOU SCURRED

[17:31] <Goast> MY

[17:31] <Imposter_> WHAT ARE YOU DOING

[17:31] <Goast> PUPPEH

[17:31] <LegionXIII> Girlfriend + skype.

[17:31] <LegionXIII> .. Though probably not anymore.

[17:31] <LegionXIII> I am sorry for that.

[17:31] <Goast> ...

[17:31] <Imposter_> >mein

[17:31] <Imposter_> >sides

[17:31] <Imposter_> >are in orbit

[17:32] <Blackwing> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[17:32] <LegionXIII> I do appologise, honestly.

[17:32] <LegionXIII> Even if I can't stop laughing.

[17:32] <Blackwing> No but seriously, I need therapy.

[17:32] <LegionXIII> I blame her. She's the tightass.

[17:33] <Blackwing> Jesus Mary and Joseph

[17:33] <LegionXIII> No. Alex.

[17:33] <LegionXIII>

[17:33] <LegionXIII> THAT is what I wanted to link.

[17:33] <Goast> >tightass

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